Piero Tomassoni Startup

Artvisor’s Founder Piero Tomassoni talks with Startup Info about how his business thrived in 2020

Piero Tomassoni, Artvisor’s Founder, talks with Startup Info, the leading entrepreneurs and startup innovation magazine, about navigating the pandemic and how his business thrived in 2020.

Tomassoni speaks about his educational background and how his innovative idea to form an art advisory firm first came about. He discusses progressive future plans regarding the growth of his brand, which primarily seeks to foster a community of people passionate about the arts, both online and in real life.

He reflects upon the impacts of Covid-19 on his business, stating that 2020 was Artvisor’s strongest year in terms of clients acquiring artworks. However, he admits the curatorial and event-based part of the business has inevitably suffered, and due to the international nature of the company, communication between colleagues and clients has become almost entirely remote.

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