Santiago Reyes Villaveces (b. 1986, Colombia) is known for exploring sculptural and post-sculptural processes. His diverse practice includes installations, sculptures, drawings, prints, archival fiction, and performative actions, all of which foster speculative relations across a myriad of materials. Villaveces’ overarching oeuvre is deeply rooted in an examination of knowledge systems utilized to control and colonize nature, often employing site-responsive elements to transform, determine, and modify the spaces they inhabit. He regards these forms as potent techniques for engaging with contemporary systems of power and their material manifestations.

In his latest projects, Villaveces demonstrates a keen interest in the contemporary exploration of space, offering reflective insights into the constraints of extractivism and the sustenance of life forms, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. His work has garnered international acclaim and has been featured in prominent exhibitions and collections worldwide.

Villaveces earned his MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London in 2017 with the prestigious Abraaj Innovation Scholarship. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards, including the Matteo Olivero Award in 2019, where he was nominated by Italian curator Eugenio Viola. In 2019, Villaveces won the Leonardo – Arizona State University and the Center for Science and Imagination 2023 Fellowship.

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Selected Exhibitions

Museum of Modern Art of Medellin (2024); Museum of Modern Art Pereira, Colombia (2023); Instituto de Visión Gallery, Bogotá (2022); Baluarte de Santa Catalina, Cartagena (2022); N Contemporary Gallery, Milan (2022); Casanova Gallery, Sao Paulo (2022);  Galleria d’Arte Moderna Torino, Turin (2020-2021); Museum of Modern Art, Bogota (2021); Madragoa Gallery, Milan (2020—2021); Bogota Planetarium, Colombia (2019); Alessandro Casciaro Gallery, Basel (2019); Sacristy of the Church of Sant’Ignazio, Saluzzo (2019); Frieze, Instituto de Visión, London (2017); Royal College of Art, London (2017); Art Dubai, Gallerie MLF| Marie-Laure Fleisch (2017); Liste, Instituto de Visión, Basel (2017).

Selected Publications

Before and After? Temporalities of Disaster – e-flux Journal #135. Jarman Rebecca, 2023; Remains – Tomorrow: Themes in Contemporary Latin American Abstraction. Fajardo-Hill, Cecilia, and Juan Ledezma. Berlin, 2023; Espacio y luz, Space and Light Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. Dan Flavin. Editorial Planeta, Colombia, 2019; El huésped convergencias discursivas en el museo. José Javier Aliaga Cárceles, Isabel Durante Asensio, Editores: Tres Fronteras, 2019.


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