David Tremlett ‘Jazz Cascade’: The 50th Anniversary Of Umbria Jazz

Two new works for major British-Swiss artist David Tremlett in Umbria. The artist was commissioned to design the official poster for the 50th anniversary of Umbria Jazz, one of the most prestigious and long-standing jazz festivals worldwide.

David Tremlett, Jazz Cascade, 50th Anniversary of Umbria Jazz.

The new work ‘Jazz Cascade’ was unveiled at the same time as the new site-specific architectural intervention in Perugia, the  Artist’s House project.  Tremlett notes, “I’ve never been good with titles for my works, so when I thought about the project for Perugia, I had to really commit myself. I knew that this place would have a function linked to artistic creativity and research. Luckily, the radio helped me: I heard ‘Our House’ by the 80s British band Madness. So I thought of a home for everyone, a home to assemble and create, a home with a central focus.”

David Tremlett, the Artists’ House, Perugia.

Tremlett’s commitment to experimenting with wall drawing using pastels as his preferred medium since 1969 has resulted in a body of work that is both fragile and ethereal yet structurally strong. His passion for travel inspires him to create site-specific works designed to last for a limited time before being naturally altered. His interventions on the walls of museums, galleries, old churches, and ruined buildings have left a lasting impact, including in many different parts of Italy. The Barolo Chapel in Piedmont, done in collaboration with Sol LeWitt, is one of his notable works, as well as a vast number of ceilings, floors, and other interventions in Palazzo Butera in Palermo, still in progress.

Tremlett’s works and permanent installations are in many of the world’s most prestigious art institutions. In 2023, Artvisor hosted the duo exhibition Stezaker/Tremlett.

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