Ra di Martino

Inspired by her background in theatre, Ra di Martino (b. 1975, Rome, Italy) oscillates between reality and fiction in her cross-disciplinary practice. Sets, actors and props are used variously to interrogate subjects such as human relationships, cinematographic traditions, the theatre of war, and the fabrication of history. The empty film sets often becomes a stage in which to question the ‘realness’ of what we see. 

Ra Di Martino has recently ventured into performance art, installation and film, developing themes around the art of acting and the perils of fame and of Hollywood. Ra di Martino’s photography also explores digital manipulation and its effect on the perception of reality throughout history.

Selected Exhibitions

MOMA, New York; Matatoio, Rome; Tate Modern, London; MALI, Lima; Mardin Biennale, Mardin; Mission Afterviews, Victoria Theatre, San Francisco; Museo del ‘900, Florence; Fondazione Volume, Rome; Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome; Copperfield Gallery, London; Museo Del 900, Milan; Galleria Monica De Cardenas, Milan; Marsèlleria, Milan;  Istituto Nazionale della Grafica, Rome; Museion (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea), Bolzano; MAXX Project, Sierre, Switzerland; Galleria Il Capricorno, Venice; Sumarria Lunn Gallery, London; Artissima, Turin; 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing China; The High Line, New York ; Ca’ Foscari, Venice; Galleria A+A, Venice; Quartier 21, Vienna; Patrick Ebensperger Galerie, Berlin; MUMA, Melbourne; and Samstag Museum, Adelaide.

Selected Collections

Museo Madre, Naples.

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