Vettor Pisani: Journey to the Edges of the Mind at CIAC, Foligno

A large retrospective dedicated to Italian pioneering artist Vettor Pisani is taking place at the Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea in Foligno, Umbria, remaining on view throughout the summer.

Vettor Pisani © Vettor Pisani Archives

Vettor Pisani (1934 – 2011) was one of Italy’s most iconic and enigmatic artists of his generation, with an illustrious career spanning five decades from the late 1960s onwards. Actively avoiding affiliations with movements such as Arte Povera and Conceptual Art, he cultivated an entirely personal practice rooted in performance, installation, architecture, and a variety of media. His work has been widely exhibited internationally, including at Documenta 5 curated by Harald Szeemann in 1972, and eight editions of the Venice Biennale.

The CIAC is now hosting a vast retrospective to the artist, curated by Italo Tomassoni, who had a longstanding personal and working relationship with the artist since the 1970s. The exhibition features over 50 carefully selected works spanning from large installations to drawings, sculptures, and photographs, with a selection of bibliographic materials illustrating the artist’s career.

The exhibition follows the acclaimed retrospective of the artist at the Pino Pascali Foundation earlier this year, and is complemented by an installation hosted at the Casa Romana in Spoleto, curated by Piero Tomassoni.

Journey to the Edges of the Mind celebrates Pisani’s vast and diverse body of work and offers a deep dive into the enigmatic and philosophical foundations that characterise his distinctive approach to art.

Exhibition Information
Vettor Pisani: Journey to the Edges of the Mind
Curated by Italo Tomassoni
June 8 – September 22, 2024
Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea
Foligno, Italy