Max Renkel 15 Scheiben

Max Renkel: 15 Scheiben Exhibition

From 11th March to 4th May, 2021, Max Renkel’s 15 Scheiben is on display at Libreria Antonio Pettini, Piazza del Collegio Romano 1B, 00186, Rome. 15 Scheiben is a solo exhibition, comprising of thirteen multimedia works by the artist.

Born in Germany in 1966, now living and working in Rome, Renkel is renowned for producing mixed media works that hover between representation and abstraction. His persistent study of colour and composition sees individual shapes merge and morph together, creating forms that are at once familiar and alien.

Painting and sculpture collide in his latest exhibition at Libreria Antonio Pettini in a unordered yet aesthetic display. From wood and bamboo, to acrylic and watercolour, this small collection of multimedia works is spread out evenly across the space. His paintings and drawings often appear sculptural, often challenging the limitations of the two-dimensional surface. Meanwhile, his sculptures, although fantastically unique, are inevitably linked in their mutual reflection upon size, shape and space.

As is customary of Renkel’s artistic practice, 15 Scheiben presents a fresh and contemporary investigation into the procedures, connections and passages that intervene between historical theory and modern representation.

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