Cyrus Mahboubian

Cyrus Mahboubian (b.1986, London, United Kingdom) rejects conventional approaches to the digital manipulation of images in his work. Instead, he embraces the raw immediacy of analogue processes and techniques, including the photographic format of the Polaroid. The resulting photographs inadvertently, though carefully, scrutinise the way in which our world has been mediated by the rapid proliferation of digital image-making devices. Cyrus Mahboubian’s “intentionally slow process” is a response to the exponential increase in speed and automatism of photographic technology in the twenty-first century.

Cyrus Mahboubian’s work was exhibited at the 11th Fotografia Europea festival in Reggio Emilia, Italy (2016) and he has been Artist-in-Residence at the Gate Theatre in London (2014). He has taught workshops at venues including Tate Britain and The Photographers’ Gallery. Mahboubian lives and works in London.

Selected Exhibitions

V.O Studios, London (2022); Gypsum Gallery, Cairo (2022); Artvisor, London (2020); The Edit, Dubai (2019); Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (2019); Tristan Hoare, London (2019); Alchemical Imagination LIBRARY, London (2017); MIGRATE Omeara, London (2017); Arthill Gallery, London (2017); Blain|Southern, London (2016); Galerie Nivet-Carzon, Paris (2016); Palazzo Biscari, Sicily (2015); Blue Nudes De Re Gallery, L.A. (2015); Galerie Anne et Just Jaeckin, Paris (2014); Ekavart Gallery, Istanbul (2013); Rich Mix, London (2013); Sphinx Fine Art, London (2013); The Jam Factory, Oxford (2013); and The Redchurch Street Gallery, London (2010).

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