Curator Tour: Andy Warhol. Photographs 1970 – 1986.

In this new walkthrough series created with Custorian, Piero Tomassoni and Nico Epstein discuss the exhibition, Andy Warhol. Photographs 1970 – 1986.

From a young age Andy Warhol was obsessed with fame, celebrity and fashion. Collecting autographs of film stars and reading fashion magazines provided an escape from life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was born and raised. Later, as he himself reached an iconic level of celebrity status and mingled with some of the biggest stars of his time, he turned the camera on his now friends and acquaintances. From Mick Jagger to Tina Turner, the photographs give us a look into the world of celebrities and to the wild and decadent years from the 70s to the early 80s. A highlight of the collection is Warhol’s 1986 self-portrait where the artist is seen wearing a fright wig, one of his most iconic props. Warhol’s Polaroid portraits were used as prototypes to his silk-screen prints and considered as the artist’s works in their own right.