Ana Manso – a room two rooms

Ana Manso – a room two rooms

Portuguese artist Ana Manso (b. Lisbon, 1984) celebrates the opening of her new exhibition, Ana Manso & Max Ruf – a room two rooms at Kunsthalle Freeport in Porto this week. 

Ana Manso, sol, 2019, oil and pigment on canvas, 55 x 33cm. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Throughout her practice, Manso has continually investigated the essence of appropriated and abstract forms. She layers and textures her works through a laborious process, often infusing her canvases with sculptural and even cinematic elements. 

Ana Manso, tomorrow’s weather, oil and pigment on canvas, 180 x 115cm. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Her more recent work embraces a darker complexion, fluidly combining patterns and signs that hover between recognisable and representational forms, and more abstract and arabesque designs. 

Ana Manso, odor, 2018, 116 x 73cm. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Manso studied painting at the Art Academy in Lisbon. Her work was recently exhibited at Museu Serralves (Porto), FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague), and Fondazione Rivolidue (Milan), and is included in the collections of Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas (Elvas), and the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon) among others.

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