Sasha Gusov

Sasha Gusov (b. 1960, Taganrog, Russia) was first introduced to photography at the age of 13. He moved to England in 1989 with $10 and a camera. Gusov established his credentials as “an image-maker with something to say” in 1993 when a self-commissioned photographic project “Images of the Bolshoi Ballet’s,” taken during the company’s 1992 London tour, was published by the British Journal of Photography. This beautiful behind the scenes study of dancers, musicians and onlookers offered a social and narrative dimension to the everyday life of ballet which was both new and innovative.

Often with elements of humour, Gusov explores the nuances of human mannerisms and his archive is a richly diverse and interesting resource of portraits of leading artists from theatre, music and dance.

Selected Publications

People like us (2017), The Bolshoi (2016), 25 years in Photography (2014), Royal Parks (2011), Terra Incognita (2010), Locusts: People in Public (2008), Locusts (2008), Italian Carousel (2003) and Shooting Images (2001).

Selected Exhibitions

Bolshoi BalletThe Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (2018); The Kiss, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (2016); PROzavod, The Kiss, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (2015); Human Comedy of Manners, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (2014).

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