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“Business Management in the Art World” lectures at Sotheby’s Institute

Artvisor continues its collaboration with prominent educational institutions: our co-founder Piero Tomassoni will give two talks at the Sotheby’s Institute, London on the 12th January for the Business Management in the Art World course. For further info and to register for the course:  Contacts: or   Photo credit: Sotheby’s Institute

9th January 20171st September 2023
Click & Buy – The future of the art market?

Click & Buy – The future of the art market?

Some old fashion art dealers have recently been shocked by seeing an “Add to basket” button appear on the website of some of their competitors, next to an artwork’s image. What has the world come to!, they must have thought. Despite all our financial interactions with it, buying everything from clothing to cars to stocks, [...]

7th December 20161st September 2023

The Other Gallery

Galleries, and particularly established galleries, cost a lot to run. It is an obvious fact, perhaps; a large percentage of the gallery’s appeal to the visitor, the artist and the potential client is the air of expense, exclusivity and opulence granted by these clean-lined boxes of culture. We visit a gallery to become part of [...]

17th November 20161st September 2023

Art Investment seminar at Regent’s University

Artvisor co-founder Piero Tomassoni has been invited by the Centre for Banking and Finance of Regent's University London to hold a seminar on the topic Art as Investment: Facts and Fiction. The seminar will be held on Thursday 3 November at 6pm in room A201 and will be open to the public as well as [...]

2nd November 20161st September 2023
FIAC 2016: onwards and upwards

FIAC 2016: onwards and upwards

Once again, the stately dome of the Grand Palais welcomed an art fair whose constantly growing dynamism relies entirely on its capacity for change and experimentation. Outside of and within the vast exhibition space, the programme ‘Parades for FIAC’ shook the French capital with a series of contemporary art performances, rarely seen by the general [...]

28th October 20161st September 2023
Frieze 2016: an overview

Frieze 2016: an overview

As the first major European fair after the summer, the art world has been watching Frieze very closely, as a barometer of the art market in the wake of Brexit and of general uncertainty in a variety of sectors. Therefore, there was a climate of caution and the mood could have been very subdued at [...]

12th October 20161st September 2023