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Artvisor is a platform that offers a personalised selection of artworks for sale and free art advisory services for users interested in buying contemporary art.

Although there are an increasing number of new entrants to the art market, it remains difficult to navigate and acquiring contemporary art can be challenging.

We are a team of art experts that guide people towards great contemporary art.


  • Personalised artwork selection based on preferences
  • Free and direct access to art advisory for guidance


  • No subscription fees
  • Artworks not visible to the general public or on google
  • New, qualified clientele


  • Easy access to a portfolio of clients
  • Streamlined selection of artworks


Art advisor
Artwork selection

Artvisor is an invitation-only platform. Users can access the platform either by referral from other users, art advisors, financial advisors and institutions, or by submitting an application through the website.

Upon registration, users set their art preferences and goals so that our technology can understand the right kind of artworks to suggest.

Each user is then assigned an art advisor according to their preferences and the advisor’s relevant areas of expertise. Users can contact their art advisor through the chat tool on the platform which makes communication easy and trackable.

The platform automatically sends each user a weekly selection of artworks based on their preferences. If a user wants to see more artworks or get more information, they can get in touch with their art advisor.

Artworks can be bought directly from the platform with Artvisor’s support in all aspects of the purchasing process. Payments can be made by card or bank transfer.

After payment is received, the artwork is insured and shipped directly from the gallery or the artist to the user anywhere in the world.