Filippo Piantanida

For Filippo Piantanida (b.1979, Varese, Italy), photography has the ability to communicate through forms that are not at first accessible to the conscious mind. His work aims to expose the structures that exist behind the surface of the material world, believing space to be relative and not ambiguous. He works in a renowned symmetrical style, that gives specific attention and detail to lines, form and composition.

Piantanida’s Maps series alters photographs captured by NASA, creating intricate digital collages. In doing so, he creates eerie, preternatural landscapes. Although at first some appear vaguely familiar, they ultimately aim to blur and reject a precise time or location. We are guided by Piantanida’s heightened colour palette and skilful digital alterations to have at once a sensory and an intellectual reaction to his work.

The artist is also known for his collaborative partnership with Roberto Prosdocimo under the name FRP2. He lives and works in Milan, Lugano and London.

Selected Exhibitions

Cardi Gallery, Online; the Unconventional Place Art Project in Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Turin and Milan; Fornace di Asolo, Treviso, Italy; and Premio Arte Laguna Sezione Fotografia, Venice.

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