Artvisor Features on STIR World

Artvisor Features on STIR World

Artvisor is proud to feature the captivating illustrations of Ugo La Pietra on the award-winning global media house and curatorial agency StirWorld. The article meditates on Artvisor’s recent exhibition Nature/Architecture. Follies, Shelters, Places of Decompression. La Pietra’s works offer a sardonic yet thought-provoking perspective on architecture’s green obsession, inviting viewers to reconsider the relationship between built environments and nature.

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La Pietra’s illustrations serve as a poignant commentary on the intersection of architecture, urban planning, and environmental sustainability. With a keen eye for detail and a touch of irony, La Pietra challenges conventional notions of progress and development, prompting viewers to confront the ecological consequences of unchecked urbanization.

Artvisor encourages you to explore Ugo La Pietra’s illustrations on StirWorld as we collectively navigate the complexities of the modern built environment.

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