Diana Taylor

Diana Taylor’s (b.1977, United Kingdom) imagery and artistic processes stem from her pre-occupation with redundancy, failure and ruination. Screen-printed, low-res images capture the aftermath of natural disasters. Throughout her oeuvre, motifs, diagrams, digital art and analogue stock imagery are interwoven within the film. Each layer obscures the last and, consequently, each entity represents a construction of chaos, disorder and entropy.

Cross-stitch patterns and tapestries are often painted onto a grid-like background, alluding to the aesthetics of early computer graphics. These structures are also reminiscent of mathematics textbooks, which have been coloured in, and laden with stickers, tattoo designs and appropriations from cartoons.

As the artist states, ‘the medley of media and the need to obliterate the decorative elements within the work perhaps stems from my ornate childhood home, where I attempted to erase the quintessentially English, floral wallpaper with teenage posters: Superman and Jane’s Addiction, but even they failed to obscure the pink and green sugar coloured, ornamental backdrop, where humanity was concealed by formality’. These paintings explore the impermanence of the material world; from artworks and architectural infrastructure, to memories and relationships.

Diana Taylor graduated with an M.F.A Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2010. She studied B.A (Hons) Fine Art at Bath Spa University College and graduated in 1999. In 2011 she was awarded the Abbey Scholarship in Painting at the British School at Rome. She now lives and works in London.

Selected Exhibitions

Centre of Contemporary Art, Andratx, Mallorca; R O O M, London; Intervention Gallery, London; Contemporary British Painting Prize, ASC Gallery, LondonCGP Gallery, London; Centre for Recent Drawing, London; Paper Gallery, Manchester; and lm06projectspace, London.

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