Artvisor Presents “Middle Eastern Art Today: Between Politics and Tradition” at Grace Belgravia

Artvisor Presents “Middle Eastern Art Today: Between Politics and Tradition” at Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia
11c West Halkin Street
London SW1X 8JL

“Middle Eastern Art Today: Between Politics and Tradition” at Grace Belgravia will be postponed till further notice. Artvisor apologises for this delay. Keep updated about this event on the Artvisor website and Facebook page.

For this panel discussion, Piero Tomassoni, curator and co-founder of Artvisor, and Elmerice Habsburg-Lothringen, independent art consultant and Senior Advisor at Artvisor, discuss the two faces of Middle Eastern art: one which is bound by the traditions of the region and one which is popular in the West and deals with the social and political issues of the Middle East. Tomassoni’s interest in art from the region began in 2013, when he co-curated a two person exhibition between the Iraq artist Nedim Kufi, and the Italian artist Rä di Martino. His views on the inherent contrasts and continuities within contemporary Middle Eastern art – the way in which it interacts with and deviates from Western styles – were published in a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Both panellists boast a wealth of knowledge about the contemporary art scene in the Middle East, and what goes into collecting art from this region.

Artvisor has been actively involved in the promotion of contemporary Middle Eastern art and currently features artists such as: Gal Weinstein (b. 1970), Guy Yanai (b. 1977), Shahpour Pouyan (b. 1979) and Saad Qureshi (b. 1986). We’re delighted to be part of this talk and contribute to an ongoing discourse surrounding Middle Eastern art, its current trends and pervasive international influence.

Image: Sasha Gusov, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, 2011. Courtesy the artist.
Artworks by this artist are available on Artvisor, contact us for more information.


Piero Tomassoni
Tomassoni co-founded Artvisor in 2015 with Marco Alazraki. Amongst his latest projects, he has been conducting substantial research on pioneer American conceptual artist Allan Kaprow in view of curating an exhibition of his work; he curated a retrospective of leading post-war Italian artist Afro Basaldella at Connaught Brown gallery; and collaborated with Dominique Lévy gallery for the exhibition “Sotto Voce. Abstract White Relief”. Prior to these, he curated over 20 shows between Italy and London including solo exhibitions of artists such as Sol Lewitt, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and Hans Hartung. He has spoken and often gives lectures on art and the art market at institutions such as the Sotheby’s Institute, London; Regent’s University, London; Università Cattolica, Milan; and HEC Business School, Paris. Past work experiences include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

Elmerice Habsburg-Lothringen

Elmerice is an independent art consultant specialising in contemporary art. She graduated from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and from the Europa Wirtschaftsschulen. She is based between London and Vienna and has previously worked for the Fine Art Fund Group and for a consulting firm for economic and cultural affairs. Since leaving her former position as Marketing & Business Development Manager at The Fine Art Fund Group, Elmerice works as a London-based Independent Art Consultant that provides professional advice to individuals and corporations regarding how to collect and trade art in a well-informed and secure way. Elmerice graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Art with an MA Honours in Art Business. From 2011 to 2014 she worked for The Fine Art Fund Group in London, an art investment house based in Mayfair. Elmerice focuses on contemporary art and emerging artists and holds substantial contacts in all other categories to secure the best service, competitive prices and unique quality. She also works closely with the Culture & Travel Club in Munich, for whom she advises on tailor-made art tours and accompanies art lovers and collectors to emerging artist studios, gallery walks and collections closed to the public.


Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia is a women’s only health, wellbeing and lifestyle club, situated in Knightsbridge. Alongside having an integrated medical clinic, spa retreat and gym, Grace Belgravia also boasts a strong arts proponent, having hosted a number of ‘Arts Talks’ on topics such as patronage, led by Alia El Senussi; a talk held in May by Dr Iva Fattorini on the therapeutic benefits of art and discussions regarding the ‘Emergence of the Female Artist’, headed by Kate Gordon’s London Art Studies group back in June. Future art-themed talks to also include: an ‘Art Preview’ with the renowned photographers Luke & Mandy, and a series of Art History Lectures to be conducted throughout September.

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